County Divorce Records in Illinois

In today’s world, marriage is a legal process in all civilized countries. Needless to say, it’s very much so in the US. As such, to end a marriage, it’s befitting that another legal process is in order. As with marriage, records of divorce are maintained by the state department. In the state of Illinois, the original records of divorce remain with the circuit court clerk in the county where the divorce was granted.

The only source of detailed information supplied by the government in Illinois on divorce is the county divorce records although various public agencies do offer some degree of information and assistance on the topic. County divorce records of Illinois are basically the filing of all original documents that was granted in that particular county. Those that were granted in different counties have to be individually searched.

Illinois divorce records go under the Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Vital Records. For a fee of $5, the facts of a divorce can be verified if it is listed on the index which is organized by the husband’s name. It must also fall within the period of 1962 and the current index date. Data outside the period or certified copies of any Illinois records have to be obtained directly from the county clerk where the divorce took place.

It’s possible to find both free and paid version. The records from all government departments are technically free as these agencies are never profit centers. Fees are only collected as service revenue but the records themselves are not charged for. Private sites are known to provide free records to attract traffic or as inducement to purchase an attached product or service. Paid Illinois online divorce records are just that, they are sold for money on the internet.

For some reason, divorce records are not so readily provided by government agencies in Illinois. They are virtually only obtainable at the original county where it occurred. Besides the county divorce records in Illinois state authorities provide zilch but for a state divorce index at the Illinois Department of Public Health that’s hardly adequate for any practical purpose. Fortunately, there’re plenty of commercial record providers offering Illinois records online along with those of other states.

This is a very convenient feature as state laws nationwide require proper divorce records from those who were married before in applying for another marriage license even if it is done in a different state. Officially, this is to verify their legal single-status for eligibility to marriage. Perhaps it is also an inadvertent cautionary check and reminder to these folks of their previous failure.