Ford County, a Gift From the Master of Legal Thrillers

John Grisham is undoubtedly the master of legal thrillers, this time he has come up with supremely readable collection of stories about life itself. The stories are set in Clanton, Mississippi which is a small town, just like the one where John Grisham practiced law for about a decade. In many of these short stories, legal matters play a significant role, and the story themes include unfair trials, divorce cases, and shady legal deals. The stories are narrations of important moments in the lives of inhabitants of Clanton.

Calling a Spade a Spade

While it’s correct that John Grisham doesn’t mind poking fun at his characters, often talking about their lack of sophistication, his only desire seems to tell the stories of his characters just the way they are, without any outside interference. There are times when his characters find out what’s coming, and then there are times when they go away scot-free. Anyway, you can’t put down Ford County.

The Highlights of Ford County

The book starts with the ruthless roasting of three weak willed country boys who start off on a mission to donate blood, but they soon start going off track and the story ends on a surprising note. In another story Fetching Raymond, Raymond is a prisoner who has spent eleven years on the death row and during these years he has written some atrocious novels, and has also learnt blues guitar and yoga. In his own fantasy world, he has become a legend, but the same world cannot save him from the inevitable death. In all these stories, the extensive knowledge of the legal system that John Grisham has is clearly evident, and the stories themselves remain taut and intriguing all the time.

Don’t Look For More

There are many stories in the collection which consider serious moral issues, such as bigotry, injustice and corruption. The author John Grisham makes sure he never preaches his audience, and that’s why his stories take a sober turn. The tale Quiet Haven is a story in which a con-man finds work at a retirement home. He ends up profiting from scandals and profits from resulting lawsuits. He also ends up making his way into the will of his wealthy patients. The question whether the protagonist of the story is a parasite for the community or support of the elderly remains unanswered. Casino is the other story which you need to read yourself to savor the suspense, twists and turns. If we write anything more here, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the story.