The Disadvantages of Business Litigation in Orange County

Although identified with large suburban areas and numerous tourist destinations, Orange County is fast becoming a promising place for business activities. In fact, more and more companies and firms are being established in various localities to operate and to provide their services and products.

However, this development upsurge also brought about a growth in number of cases involving business disputes and other violations of the California Labor Code. Hence, this scenario results in the need of fine Orange County business law attorneys who can help the aggrieved parties obtain justice and suitable compensations.

There are two ways to pursue a lawsuit; one is to file a case in court through litigation and the other is to enter into alternative dispute resolutions. These two legal procedures aim to resolve a disputed issue between two or more parties.

In most cases, business entities in Orange County who have been involved in legal disputes prefer entering into alternative dispute resolutions. This is due to the many disadvantages entailed in resolving a disputed issue through litigation.

Disadvantages in Pursuing Business Litigation

  • It is more costly to undergo litigation proceedings – although some businesses are lucky enough to find lawyers who offer their legal services on contingency basis, business litigation may still cost them huge amount. In Orange County, business litigators commonly charge their clients thousands of dollars as their minimum fee. To add, any delays in litigation would mean bigger legal fees. These delays happen for many reasons such as unavailability of courtrooms.
  • Litigation may necessitate long period – As most people perceive it, time is definitely important. Spending more time pursuing a lawsuit would mean large opportunities or productivity being lost. Unfortunately, many companies that engaged in business litigation have to deal with their cases for several weeks to even months or years. More sadly, many court decisions are not enough to cover the damages incurred by the affected businesses.
  • The privacy of the business may be lost – Because the court may ask about certain issues and information regarding the parties involved, some secret matters may be divulged in public. These may include business records, trade secrets and other information about the business operation. Aside from these, the legal counsels of each party may use tactics in order to reveal the misdealing or illicit activities of each company. This is the reason why it is necessary to make sure that your company operation is in order before deciding to file a lawsuit.
  • The public may have wrong impression on your business although you were able to win the case – Most of the times; people will choose to believe negative criticisms or bad issues rather than the decision of the court acquitting a company of any fault. Consequently, the acquitted business may suffer the lost of public trust that will surely affect its potentials.
  • The other party may file their counter charges – there are extreme possibilities that the defendant company has its own side of the disputed issue. Thus, it is necessary to be ready for such event.

Why Hire Orange County Attorneys?

No matter what legal procedure a business decides to pursue, it is vital for them to hire expert representation. The intricate provisions of the California Corporations Code and other related business laws necessitate the expertise of Orange County business law attorneys. These legal professionals will make sure that their clients’ rights will be upheld in the litigation process.

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